Linda Kokkores


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Sleeping beauty | musical theatre 
Schweig still, mein Stein  | musical theatre
MOIRA  | musical theatre
Clyde (WT)  | Short
Untitled Documentary | two-part TV documentary

2022 | Die goldene Platte | Opera | Written
In 1977 a space probe embarks on its journey into interstellar space carrying a golden record with a collection of images and sounds supposedly representing human civilization. As the distorted carte de visite travels inexorably through space, doubts and questions arise.

2022 | Το χρώμα των δέντρων (The color of trees) | Short | Written
In the face of blazing forest fires in the Greek suburbs, two women form an unexpected friendship. Their loyalty is put to the test as they have to rush to the aid of the neglected ones in danger.

2022 | glitch | Short | Written
i used to see the past/in the future darkness
An oracle is tripping on ethylen.

2020 | Ausgeschwärmt | Short | Written
Carla, a beekeeper, lives alone surrounded by nature until one morning she finds her estranged daughter Feline sleeping on her couch. When Carla realizes that all of her bee colonies have swarmed out, the two women set out to find them.

2020 | Road to Tokyo | Spot | Written & Co-produced
Four athletes, one shared goal: to participate in the Paralympic Games of Tokyo.
Not knowing the COVID-19-Pandemic will change the course of the whole world.
But the fighter is always a dreamer.

2020 | Magic Locker | Short | Written
I don’t like my competition. At all.

2019 | In friedlichen Zeiten | Short | Written
The future bride and her sister-in-law meet for the first time at a hen party on a shooting range. There are prejudices, cake and a dog in the parking lot.

2019 | Europe, Old Love | Webseries | Written
Episode - Dream of Europe
Episode - Lithuania

2018 | Μπόνι (Bonnie) | Short | Written & Directed
Bonnie is dreaming of a ride in the Mediterranean sun and the orange-eating mystery girl she left behind.

2017 | Blind Audition | Short | Written
For a few years the violinists Ari and Ron have been a couple. When they both get the invitation of an orchestra to audition for the solo part they become direct competitors. Their mutual trust is put on a hard test when Ron gets a tempting offer from the conductor of the orchestra.

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