2022 | Die goldene Platte | Written

In 1977 a space probe embarks on its journey into interstellar space carrying a golden record with a collection of images and sounds supposedly representing human civilization. As the distorted carte de visite travels inexorably through space, doubts and questions arise. How far will it travel? Will there ever be an answer?

Composer: Sehyung Kim
Musical director: Nicolai Bernstein
Stage director & video: Rafael Ossami Saidy
Set design & costume: Lisa Käppler
Dramaturgy: Linda Kokkores
Libretto: Linda Kokkores & Rafael Ossami Saidy

with: Jonathan Macker (baritone), Maria Melts (mezzo soprano), Alma Rupqi Sun (soprano)

premiere at Frankfurt LAB with Ensemble Modern 

©Sonja Palade, Lisa Käppler